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Case Results

Carpenter v Groghs and Mount Lassen Properties (Lassen Superior Court 59483)

Bad Neighbor Story:

Bill and Laurna purchased a home they felt was perfect for them and their two dogs. Next door to them were several small rentals with deferred maintenance (run down). For approximately two years prior to contacting me, the renter next to Bill and Laurna engaged in the following activity: 

  1. Threw trash (including soiled diapers) in their yard.
  2. Allowed their dogs to defecate on Bill and Laurna's property.
  3. Continually trespassed by cutting across their lawn and leaving shopping carts and other junk on their property.
  4. Put a dead cat in the back of their pickup.
  5. Would yell profanities at them and play loud music at all hours of the day and night – with vehicles also coming and going at all hours of the day and night.
  6. Non-operating and abandoned vehicles were left on and about the premises
  7. These bad neighbor's raked dog feces up against the fence that was just a few feet from Bill and Laurna's front porch and bedroom window (causing an atrocious smell).
  8. They would stack their garbage against their side of the house closest to Bill and Laurna's home. They did not even have garbage service until a months after a lawsuit was filed.
  9. There was often fighting and bickering going on - a fight even spilled over the fence onto Bill and Laurna's property. The video of this is attached.

According to clients they were unable to find an attorney interested in taking their case and they repeatedly contacted the authorities only to discovery that nothing could be done.

Desperate for help they contacted the Law Office of Robert Lee Hamilton. A complaint for nuisance filed, discovery and depositions were taken, and the case was resolved shortly before trial.


1. Renters removed;

2. Property cleaned up;

3. Lump sum damages paid to recoup client costs; and

4. Bill and Laurna are now able to enjoy the property they own.