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Magladry v McLind (Shasta County Superior Court 184518)

April 2017

About two years before contacting the Law Office of Robert Lee Hamilton, a new neighbor moved in directly across the street from George and Wilma. Almost immediately, the new neighbor started accumulating junk in the front yard. It got so bad that the neighborhood had meetings to discuss what could be done about the nuisance. Even though numerous neighbors contacted the authorities, nothing was done.

George and Wilma then contacted the Law Office of Robert Lee Hamilton and a letter was immediately sent to the offender giving him a set number of days to clean up his property. This letter was ignored and a complaint for nuisance was immediately filed in the Shasta County Superior Court.

Once the action was filed, defendant retained an attorney and began realizing the seriousness of his actions. After some litigation a settlement was entered into wherein the defendant agreed to clean up his property, keep it cleaned up, not re-offend, and pay damages so that George, Wilma and the rest of the neighborhood could again enjoy the property they own.

Practice area(s): Litigation, Real Estate, Civil Law

Court: Shasta County Superior Court

Robert Lee Hamilton

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